1Who does Journey Found serve and where?

Journey Found serves adults in Connecticut with intellectual disabilities, pervasive development disorder, and autism including individuals with a co-occurring challenges such as mental health diagnoses.

Journey Found serves adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in northern, central and southeastern Connecticut.

2What is Journey Found’s mission?
The mission of Journey found is to enable each individual to become all they are capable of being.
3Does Journey Found have a philosophy of service provision?
Yes, Journey Found believes that quality services come from “caring about” people not simply “caring for” people. This is as true both for the people we work for and the people we employ. This underlying belief forms the cornerstone for person centered services that are based in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS).
4Where is Journey Found located?
Journey Found’s main office is located at 60 Hilliard Street Manchester, CT 06040. However, services may be located throughout the state. Currently services are provided in central, north central and southeastern parts of Connecticut.

Our mailing address is: 60 Hilliard Street | Manchester, CT 06040

5How do I find out about services and if I or someone I know is eligible?
Call 860-643-9844 and ask to speak to someone about our services.
6Is there a fee for services?
All people that Journey Found works for have been determined to be eligible for funding through the State of Connecticut. This funding comes from a variety of sources including the Departments of Developmental Services (DDS), Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), Social services (DSS) and Children and Families (DCF). For young adults, some local school systems also fund some types of services. Currently, Journey Found does not accept insurance nor is there a “self-pay” mechanism.
7Is Journey Found licensed?
Yes. The agency is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for those services requiring licensure.
8Are Journey Found services time limited?
While there may be times that time limited supports are provided, it is the goal of Journey Found to establish a lifelong relationship with the people we work for and their families to best help them lead their lives to the fullest at each life stage.
9Who decides if Journey Found will work for a particular person?
These decisions are made by the person in need of supports, their family/guardian and a team made up of Journey Found staff (nursing, clinical, operations) and others providing paid support to the individual in the community and through state services.